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Morning sports fans,


No more World Cup..don’t quite know what to do at 5am now!!!!


Last night it was full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes…good financial results and more M&A activity in the healthcare sector helped things along…Portugal..pah! Who cares right?Certainly not in Europe where Ze Germans were celebrating their victory and pushing the DAX up another 100 odd points to be within a hair breath of 10,000!


Gold had a Monday smack down last night with risk taking a back seat…biggest fall this year!!!nasty….Iron Ore up though sneaking its way to $100 quietly…


We will see another firm day today as we push up to the top end of the range again..still reminds me of 87 but happy to go along for the ride..for the time being..I do have one eye on the exit at all times and staying close to the door..


Idea of the Day


Every dog has its day …the resource boom continues in places…latest cab off the Uber rank is THX which in the last few days has raced from 11 cents to 28 and looks set to go higher following great results from Red Bore next to SFR’s De Grussa…lots of things happening in the resource sector…Mozambique hopeful in eth graphite space MTA has done its second placement in a month ,this time at 12.5cents..easy money if you got some…


Yesterday I talked BRU and the stock opened down again..I believe  that it is time to nibble away …and now they are cheaper!!


Another to watch is KAR which as done a huge deal(was a while ago) following the sale of its Browse Basin assets for US$600m…it now has a focus on Brazil and has announced a rig contract for 2 firm and 2 contingent wells…first one to appraise the Kangaroo Oil discovery..with a  market cap of $850m there is not much value ascribed to the Brazil..news on a farm out with get the price rolling again and we should see it push back up to the $4.00 soon.


Things to make me go mmmmm!!!


Messi is voted best at tournament..really?


Citi gets fined $7bn for its part in the Mortgage scandal in the US pre GFC…wonder if any of the victims gets anything out of it..wouldn’t have thought


Shareholders voted overwhelmingly for the DJs takeover yesterday provided the South Africans keep the pianist at the Elizabeth Street store…deal done!!


Ray Hadley walks out of Karl Stefanovic interview this morning…love a shock jock..can’t answer the tricky questions


Seems the Mum and dad punters aren’t listening to the talking head doom and gloom merchants… Individual investors are plowing money back into the U.S. stock market just as professional strategists say gains for this year are over. About $100 billion has been added to equity mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in the past year, 10 times more than the previous 12 months. Not sure if that is a good sign or not!!!Greed is good….


Financial system inquiry is due to report its finding today from ex CBA chief David Murray…don’t expect Moses like commandments …tinkering rather than change…


Woodside’s global exploration push has taken it to the African nation of Tanzania, partnering with Adelaide’s Beach Energy in the hunt for oil and gas beneath Lake Tanganykia.


Don’t you love analysts..Deutsche has cut BRU from a buy to a hold…the stock has dropped like a rock to near 90c and now it’s a hold…bless!!I thought yesterday’s update was ok…issue in the wings and the shorters having a field day…


Trump Plaza closes in Atlantic City with 1000 jobs to go..gamblers now have more choice with Pensylvania nad New York state now allowing casinos…the take has dropped from $5.5bn to $2.8bn in the last eight years..


Expect to see a whole lot of cash raising from resources as they emerge from the wilderness..the run in SYR etc has emboldened the sector to try their luck..after all you don’t invest in a resource stock for them to sit there and not do anything..they need to drill and mine to be worth anything…no drilling= just a lifestyle business for West Perth directors to get out of the house..


And finally…many thanks to those who have sponsored me so far…need more..if I get to $150 they give me a T short to run in!!!


Here’s the link again…it’s a good cause..now signed up my daughter to do it with me…think we can meet at the finish!!!






And of course today’s funny….

A man met a beautiful blonde lady and decided he wanted to marry her right away.

She said, ‘But we don’t know anything about each other.

He said, ‘That’s all right, we’ll learn about each other as we go along.

So she consented, they were married, and off they went on a honeymoon at a very nice resort.

One morning they were lying by the pool, when he got up off of his towel, climbed up to the 10 metre board and did a two and a half tuck, followed by three rotations in the pike position, at which point he straightened out and cut the water like a knife.

After a few more demonstrations, he came back and lay down on the towel.

She said, ‘That was incredible!’

He said, ‘I used to be an Olympic diving champion. You see, I told you we’d learn more about each other as we went along.’

So she got up, jumped in the pool and started doing lengths.

After seventy-five lengths she climbed out of the pool, lay down on her towel and was hardly out of breath.

He said, ‘That was incredible! Were you an Olympic endurance swimmer?’

‘No,’ she said, ‘I was a prostitute in Liverpool but I worked both sides of the Mersey…’

Have a great day!





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