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First up thanks to all my twitter followers @henryj007…I have a competition with a broker pal in Melbourne to see who can get the most…up to nearly 2000 so thanks guys and girls…He is nowhere!!!Must be doing something right!!!!!!


Things appear to be hotting up in Zombieland with more trouble in Ukraine giving them the jitters…this situation will only get worse…US had a late bounce as the buyers stepped in following some good corporate news from Yahoo, Coke and Johnson and Johnson..


So what about our market…well yesterday was anaemic to say the least but at least it was green…I still remain cautious and feel that taking the  top off is the way to go…Easter ..Anzac…budget….what is now a part of life is the volatility not so much in the index but in the individual companies…I mean CCL has dropped 22% in two days…its savage…and this is a blue chip stock  or was…talked about it yesterday as I like this one for the long term recovery…


So today expect nothing really..focus on GDP from China and BHP numbers which will help but gold flat and resources generally may be a little weaker…

I find it hard to get too excited about our market at the moment as the money being sucked out with IPOs and other placements is not small..news this morning that WBC may be looking to raise $1bn after Easter in a listed convertible note issue won’t help either…lots of rotation ..and repeat!

May explain why the volumes are pathetic at the moment and the city is deserted!!

Idea of the Day-BHP-Showing RIO how it is done!!

As readers, of this rubbish I call a morning report, will know I have been positive on BHP….was at 34 ..still am..think they have $40 potential ..today they have issued their production report and have increased full year iron ore guidance by 5 million tonnes, in a move that will beat the most optimistic expectations. They said today that production of its biggest money-spinner Iron Ore would now reach 217 million tonnes in the 2014 financial year rather than 212 million tonnes.

Apparently they didn’t have the same weather problems that RIO had in the first quarter…must be very focussed rain!!

This stock should be a core of portfolios and will trade in the $33-40 range for the next while…so you buy them on the bad days and sell them on the good…here, they are a hold with a bit of upside but not much at the moment…maybe 38.50 in the short term…then look to sell some calls perhaps…

Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!

I do not watch commercial television much but it does seem that the only companies that advertise are either trying to sell you a car or trying to insure it…I imagine that it is pretty competitive out there in insurance land..of course the companies with the new age names are just the big ones rebadged but there seems to be so many of them, Youi, Bingle, Progressive, That bloody little red quote mob etc etc…tough market for them especially given that they are spending so much on advertising!!!

Chinese GDP today…should be interesting…7.3% is the consensus…

Things appear to be hotting up in Ukraine and I reckon a civil war is now inevitable..with Russia’s help…looks like the west though will stand by and watch as they cannot upset RasPutin too much or he will turn off the tap….It will get messy and as usual when the rich fight the poor people suffer! Country is running out of money fast and has issued war bonds according to Interfax which reported that the Ukrainian Finance Ministry is to make issues of two-year government “military” bonds with worth 1.1 billion hryvni at an annual interest rate of 7%.

You are on your own Ukraine!!! U.S. NOT CONSIDERING LETHAL ASSISTANCE TO UKRAINE, White house spokesman CARNEY SAYS.

Zombie markets were pretty weak on the unfolding drama to their east…strange then that Gold got whacked…as did most commodities…profit taking..

The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, a gauge for U.S. stock volatility known as the VIX, fell 3.1 percent to 15.61.

Yahoo jumped 9.4% as sales beat forecasts after Alibaba reported a 66% increase in revenue. Yahoo owns 24% of the Chinese e-commence company.

Seems it is not just CCL here that is doing it tough….even lost most of the Aussie sugar crop to the cyclone just to rub it in..but the amount of fizzy drinks Coca-Cola sells across the world has fallen for the first time in 15 years. The company said volumes of carbonated drinks sold fell by 1% in the first quarter of the year. The fall was particularly marked in much of the UK, with sales in Great Britain falling by more than 10%. However the stock jumped in the US posting gains of nearly 4% as it beat estimates.

Good to see ICAC can turn water into wine!!!Barry O Farrell looking pretty stupid at best!!


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Of the 27 EU regions that reported unemployment above 21%, 13 are in Spain, 10 in Greece and one each in Italy and three French outposts. The top five worst hit areas are in Spain, where almost 6 million people are without a job. All five regions have jobless rates of more than 33%, led by Andalusia at 36.3%.


Beacon Lighting Group has enjoyed a stunning start to life on the share market, with its shares soaring by 60 per cent. Beacon is the largest retailer of residential lighting, ceiling fans and light globes. Beacon offered 45 per cent, or 96.75 million shares, to the public, at 66c a share, raising $63.8 million.The 45 % was one investor’s holding that wanted out…

The Fed looks like it will make US banks hold more capital in case of emergency.










And this puts the threat in perspective… Close to 7 million Chinese this year will graduate college, up from 1.1 million in 2001. By 2020, China’s college-educated talent pool is expected to number 195 million people — more than the entire U.S. labour force that year.


And finally…..


My girlfriend said she was leaving me due to my obsession with the 60’s group The Monkees.

I thought she was joking ……… And then I saw her face……


My budgie broke his leg today so I made him a little splint out of a couple of Redhead matches.

His little face lit up when he tried to walk… unfortunately, I had forgotten to remove the

sandpaper from the bottom of his cage.


And as its Easter….apologies if I offend anyone…



Back on the TV today at 12.00 on Sky Biz and love to hear from you..you can phone in for a chat!!


Last morning note before Easter..





Have a great break!!!





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