The ASX 200 drifts higher by 24 points to 6825. Dow futures slightly higher up 84 points. A quiet day of trade with an upward bias ahead of Australia Day. Miners led the gains with BHP up 1.1% and FMG showing a clean pair of heels up 4.0%. Energy stocks fell with WPL off 0.9% and STO down 0.7% and gold miners wishy washy, NCM down 1.6% and NST down 1.5%. Banks drifted higher with the Big Bank Basket slightly higher at $155.87. Industrials gained led by WOW up 1.1% and COL up 1.6% with CSL finally showing some gains on vaccine news. The stock rose 0.3% with SHL up 0.8% and FPH rising 1.3%. In corporate news, one or two quarterlies around but like to get excited about. Tech stocks were spotty, APT rose 1.5% and NVX had another great day up 29.4% with 4DS stepping out from under the WBT shadow and rising 20.4%. The All-Tech Index up 1.2%. Some economic news on imports exports and the 10-year yield pushed higher again up to 1.11%. Asian markets firms with Japan up 0.3% and China up 1.0%.

Today’s Highlights

  • ASX 200 bounces back by 24 points to 6825.
  • High 6833 Low 6807. Narrow range. Quiet trade.
  • Big Bank Basket rises to $155.87
  • All Tech lower rose 1.2%
  • APT sees 955,000 shares crossed at 14350c.
  • Dow Futures up 84 points.
  • Gold steady at AUD$2396
  • 10-year yield pushes ahead to 1.11%
  • AUD steady at 77.39c
  • Bitcoin rallies back to US$33181
  • Asian markets firms with Japan up 0.3% and China up 1.0%


  • NVX +29.39% battery tech charging up.
  • 4DS +20.45% bull run continues.
  • PNI -0.54% Wilsons says buy.
  • CWN +1.31% Moody’s withdraws EMTN ratings.
  • YFZ +16.08% reaffirms prospectus forecasts.
  • LKE +21.43% oversubscribed placement.
  • NIC +8.11% quarterly report.
  • ASG +13.58% Wilsons upgrades.
  • AEF +6.59% ESG theme continues.
  • FMG +4.03%% drawing strength from Twiggy’s lecture.
  • VUL -10.12% readjustment continues. Off lows.
  • SYR -6.87% broker downgrades following quarterly.
  • ALD -4.91% completes buyback.
  • RFX +31.43% solid buying following article this morning.
  • WEB -3.83% travel stocks still in the doghouse.
  • FLT -3.33% vaccines may still take some time.
  • Speculative Stock of the Day:  BPH Energy (BPH) +69.64% huge volume after and ASX query and response noting the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA) has confirmed on its website that the application currently made by the JV Participants BUY and BPH for a suspension, variation and extension to the permit terms for PEP11 is in the final phase of decision process and is now with the Joint Authority for decision.
  • Biggest Winners: NVX, NIC, RMC, AEF, LTR, IEL and ABB.
  • Biggest Losers: VUL, SYR, OMH, GMA, ASM, ALD and IMU.


  • Silver Lake Resources (SLR) – Q2 gold production 57,566oz and 410 tonnes copper at AISC of $1,592. December Quarter: Production 58,858 ounces gold equivalent at AISC of $1,592. Sales of 59,824 ounces gold at sale price of $2,336/oz. FY21 Outlook: Gold Sales 240-250Koz maintained. Copper sales 1,600 tonnes vs previously guided 1,100 tonnes. AISC $1,400-1,500/oz maintained.
  • APA Group (APA) +0.95% Reportedly interested in Infratil’s Tilt Renewables stake. Newswiresreport APA has hired UBS and is looking at equity raising options should it be successful in its bid.
  • Ampol (ALD) -4.91% Completes $300m buyback. Due to strong demand, 89.4% scale back of successful tenders was required.


  • Exports of goods in December increased $4,901m, 16% to $34,927m
  • Imports of goods in December decreased $2,521m, 9% to $25,971m
  • For December there is a goods trade surplus of $8,956m (original, current price, merchandise trade basis)

Top five export destinations

Key country movements:

  • China increased $2,312m (21%)
  • Japan increased $864m (24%)
  • United States of America increased $678m (58%)
  • India increased $339m (35%)
  • South Korea decreased $317m (-14%)



  • Vaccine Tracker: More than 63 million shots given worldwide. 3.38m a day. 22.4m shots in USA.
  • US passes 25m cases of CV19. Another milestone. The U.S. death toll surpassed 417,000 as another 3,390 people died of Covid-19 nationwide.
  • France registered 18,436 new cases over the past 24 hours, the lowest number in nearly a week.
  • Ireland reported the fewest new cases in almost a month, in a sign that one of the world’s worst outbreaks is may be coming under control. There were 1,378 newly confirmed cases on Sunday.
  • The U.K. reported its lowest daily tally since Dec. 19, with 30,004 new cases on Sunday.


  • Kuaishou Technology, the main rival to ByteDance (TikTok) in China, is seeking to raise as much as $5.4 billion in Hong Kong. Kuaishou is attempting the world’s biggest internet IPO since Uber’s $8.1 billion U.S. share sale in May 2019.


  • The US has urged China to engage in a dialogue with Taiwan.
  • The world is witnessing the greatest rise in inequality on record according to Oxfam. The 1000 richest people on the Planet recouped their losses from the Covid crash in just nine months.
  • Democrats pushing for stimulus deal prior to Trump trial.
  • Panasonic is trialling a new freezer box that can store the vaccine at -70c for 18 days.
  • Two Austrians have been arrested for helping the former CEO of Germany’s Wirecard to escape from Belarus.
  • Italian PM has threatened to sue vaccine makers over slow delivery.
  • A Davos Agenda event kicks off tonight with President Xi up early. This year’s event is an online warm up for the real deal in May in Singapore.

And finally..