Afternoon sports fans,

Just a quick update as I have started my new role at and have written my first end of day report last night and my first market call.

Good to be back in the saddle ,watching the market and generally being a media hound.I am in Melbourne for a month learing the ropes and did my first Sky Biz from the Southbank Studio in Melbourne.

If you fancy checking out my stuff on marcustoday they do free  trials and are very nice people.

Love you to check out my stuff and hope that a few of the ideas make you some money..that’s what we are here for !As my old boss at MacBank used to say,”We are not here for a haircut!”

Anyway with my time with the broker formerly known as BBY fast receding into the rear view mirror, its time for pastures new and the exciting challenges ahead.

Any feedback or comments send them to my new email address at

Thats all folks…for now anyway…



everything is awesopme