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Morning sports fans,


Got that wrong on the rate cut…and now apparently according to Uncle Joe the shackles are off…really…were there shackles on the RBA?..isn’t it independent?..not sure the RBA was the shackles..maybe business is feeling grumpy because of what’s happening in Lala land…so Joe..butt out and do your job! The reason the economy is stuffed is nothing to do with interest rates…plenty of cheap money around!!…sorry rant over..normal service to be resumed!

 rocket launch

Just forget the fundamentals and buy…seems to be the way to go these days..forget that the RBA has had to do an Abbott flip on rates to counter a  soggy and getting soggier economy…forget that the US is gonna to suffer from a high USD…forget that Europe is the walking dead …forget that Japan is registering barely a pulse…just concentrate on all the free money searching for a high yielding home..here we are at a 7 year high and gonna go even higher today after a 300 point rally in left behind US stocks..everything is great as long as the money flows…you don’t even have to look at mid-caps ..just buy CBA until they hit $100 or $TLS hits $7.00…

The US played catch up last night with some good corporate results helping but the real big story was the 20% rise in the oil price in four days..when everyone is a bear who is left to sell it ?..the answer is no one and despite US stockpiles growing the price has spiked…a strike in the US and massive wind backs of investment and production all giving it nowhere to go but up…

Aussie dollar though is back to pre-cut levels on surging commodity prices…still skiing in Japan and Europe are still on..only US out of bounds these days…


Idea of the Day-Go KAR-Go MOC-Go hard!!

Hope a few of you read my KAR recommendation yesterday…they were up nearly 10% and will be another 10% today..don’t say I don’t try!!!

Even my MOC were up 8% yesterday and will move again today as the interest rate environment kicks off a real estate agent bonanza this autumn…what is not to like..

So what is next…everything really…but maybe look at AMC as a blue chip industrial..change of CEO has hurt them a little but they will be back…and if you want to buy a bank..maybe NAB is the way to go…

Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!



Will be interesting to see how much of the rate cut the big boys pass on…CBA passes on the cut in full…leading from the front…

Results season is fast upon us..still who cares..really as long as there are no surprises we could even hit 6000!!!Lets’ face it if you put the banks on a 4.5% fully franked yield this is what you get…






These things are being treated like AAA rated  bonds!!!

Just saying…and that is using last years’ dividends!!!

You ever noticed how when the talking heads on CNNBC and Bloomberg TV are predicting the end of the world or the further falls on oil it is the bottom…

Home price boom will kick again…utterly ridiculous prices being paid for stuff…all the while unemployment is increasing wages are stagnating and conditions and pay are under the pump…no job security but hey borrow 7 times your salary to buy a shoebox somewhere…no end to this in sight though…

Why bother changing the Captain of the Titanic..unless you change course it is still going to ram that pretty iceberg….really why would you want to lead the Liberal party at the moment. Malcolm ‘In the Middle’ is no fool, Julie ‘Death Stare’ doesn’t want it either..she has the best job..travel the world get paid $500,000 and get to hang out with real leaders…whilst Malcolm gets to go to Hollywood and hang with celebs…Tony gets to Mea Culpa and embarrass us the whole time and hang with Pyne and Hockey..No contest..think I know why..

In the NT, suppose they gave a coup and nobody came…really..a complete shambles!!

Here’s a lesson for BHP and RIO. Oil has run 20% in four days. Why? Well, Der! Oil Companies around the world have announced production cuts and investment freezes.  Or you could ramp it up and try to get rid of your opposition in iron ore just like BHP and RIO are doing….have been saying that one buck chuck is not here tos tay..I reckon in two weeks we will be dreamin of the halcyon days when petrol was a buck a chuck..soon to hit $1.20 I reckon… maybe that why the RBA cut..no more one buck chuck means RBA cut…

US factory orders fell for a fifth-consecutive month in December with a contraction of 3.4% reported. The reading, below the downwardly-revised 1.7% fall of November and expectations for a contraction of 2.2%, was the largest month-on-month decline since August 2014.

Eurozone producer price deflation accelerated at a faster pace in December with a decline of 1.0% recorded. Italian consumer prices fell by 0.4% in January, the steepest month-on-month decline since November 2013….which means only one thing more free money!!!

Greece …well when is a debt haircut deal not a debt haircut deal…when the country renegotiates its debt out to 2350 at zero interest rate and a free set of steak knives…the Greek equity marlet rallied 11% last night..the Greek banks were up

Office depot in the US rallied 22% after Staples approached them..only sector on the nose was Biotechs..wont last that way!

The ratings agency S&P was fined $1.5bn by regulators and admitted no wrong doing!!!

Heres a little snippet from Bloomberg about the Clean Energy explosion in California..the seventh largest economy in the world… “The state’s advanced-energy industry has more than 431,000 workers, the most in the nation, according to a December report by the trade group Advanced Energy Economy.”Just think what we could achieve with all that technology down here …lucky we have coal eh!!

Crown still doing it tough in Macua it seems .. Data released by the region’s gaming authority on Monday showed a 17.4 per cent drop in gambling revenue in January, which extended the run of consecutive monthly falls to eight….also behind at Barangaroo too..

US energy companies forward p/e back to dot comm levels!!Plug that into STO,OSH,WPL and SXY etc!!!


And finally…guaranteed to offend…look away children….look away …


Sailing results are in, GB took gold, USA took silver, and Somalia took a

middle aged couple from Weymouth


A boy asks his granny, ‘Have you seen my pills, they were labelled LSD?’

Granny replies, ” Bugger the pills, have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?”


Wife gets naked and asks hubby, ‘What turns you on more, my pretty face or

my sexy body? ‘


Hubby looks her up and down and replies, ‘Your sense of humour! ‘


Have a great Wednesday..back on Sky Biz today at 12.00 if you are interested…

 Have a great day