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Morning sports fans,


Well so it came to pass …Do Nothing Mario unleashed his mother of all stimulus packages..his only target seems to be getting inflation back up to 2% though..would have thought the unemployment and the lacklustre growth would have been on the agenda..or at least mentioned…this mega move will ensure that the ruling parties will have little incentive to do anything courageous themselves except to try to stay in power rather than join the 12% Euro unemployment.

But free money is good for markets …all that lovely moolah..chasing higher yields with no risk…it would be lovely to see that money trickle down to the man in La Rue but unlikely..but it will keep markets pushing ever higher…some of it will inevitably end up here..especially in the banks and TLS which are pretty safe to say the least….

So get set …hold tight and enjoy the rise for a while…the glow will fade as reality sets in but for the moment buckle up…Big stocks will be chased..in all this euphoria it will be easy to lose sight of the fundamentals…actaully who cares about them..get back in there and buy Mortimer right? Right?…seven year highs for Euro Trash and US erased all this years losses…the can has been kicked even further down the road …US still on crisis settings,really??

Idea of the Day

I have said it before and I will say it again…Mortgage Choice peeps…the stock is thin and has been sold down recently to 245…now they paid a 15 cent dividend last year so at that price it is a yield of about 6.1%…the company is going gangbusters from the property boom and despite the dooms day merchants I reckon this will continue and they have another growth leg with their push into financial planning…expecting big things and a re rating back up to the 280 level pretty soon…every other financial is going pretty well and did I mention the 6.1% fully franked yield..yeah suppose so!!

Big free money beneficiaries will be high yield Aussie shares and the biggest will be the US equity market I suspect…Aussie dollar will continue to slide towards 75 cents and ETFs on Euro Trash and US dreams will be a way to play free money liquidity and a lower Aussie dollar…

Bank index should go to highs…

Things to make me go mmmmm!!

Extraordinary feeding frenzy yesterday for our latest IPO that we listed ..Phylotech has proved to be an absolute bonanza for clients after a 100% plus gain on listing yesterday..this is the first Medicianal Marijuana drug company on the ASX and is riding the new Weed of Greed frenzy…for those of you late to this party the boat may have already sailed but this is an exciting new space and in the US is big business…always was always will be..now its legal in some states..very good for chronic pain relief and late night kebab shop sales!!!Congratulations to the believers..well done..

This is gold…drug smugglers are now using drones to fly drugs from Mexico to the US…genius…the mules are up in arms and are in danger of being put out of business by drones..the ultimate insult perhaps!!

The world has truly gone mad…in Germany there was some question marks on whether men were allowed to go to the toilet standing up!!!No Ones that is not Number twos!!I mean really…apparently the misses and bad aim was affecting the structural integrity of some bathrooms and so the practice was in the spotlight!!!There are some things we have to stand for and this is one of them!!

Greek election this weekend….French Government fails to reach an agreement on a jobs creation package…except for secret agents that is…

UK elections in may are going to be interesting too given the rise of the Anti Eurotrash UKIP …Go Nigel..lovely bloke..

Euro has crashed to 12 year lows against the US dollar…my sons trip to the hot spots of the Zombie Zone have become a whole lot cheaper recently!!stay away from Switzerland though..

The German 10 year bund hit a new low of 0.377% and down from 0.53%, Spanish and Italian 10 year bonds fell more than 10 basis points to 1.402 and 1.557 respectively.

Data in China today is the HSBC preliminary manufacturing PMI for December which is scheduled for release at 12.45pm  and is forecast at 49.5. The prior was 49.6.

Oil continues to fall…despite comments from OPEC head in Davos..or maybe because of those comments..few CEO predicting that it will stay low for a lot longer…Gold the superstar at the moment…cant print gold..Aussie gold is a ferric performer…

If inflation is too low…why not change the basket of how you measure it…I know the basket that I base my cost of living on is not going up by just 2%…medical Insurance to rise by 7%,School fees,energy bills(what no difference from carbon tax days..there must be some mistake AGL!!!)…food…still computers are down..green slips…what a great idea that was now 1000 minimum to register and insure a car for just third party…

Now the Productivity commission is attacking penalty rates and minimum wages..as if young people don’t have enough issues with HEC and the rising cost of housing now they will get stuff all for working very unsocial able hours…

Arise Sir Tim Cahill…you are a superstar!!!Not too late Tony to give our Tim a gong for Aussie day…

Remember Yemen…thats where all the terrorists are trained…well the President has resigned after his palace was overrun…and lets not talk Ukraine and their phoney peace..

And finally…..

When I was younger I hated going to weddings. It seemed that all of my aunts and the grandmotherly types used to come up to me, poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, ‘You’re next.’

They stopped that after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.

Talking of which…

I am at a funeral today and a subsequent memorial so any issues please contact Chloe who can help far better than me anyway!!

Happy Australia Day..go the Socceroos!!!



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