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Morning sports fans,

Like to think you missed me a little bit but probably just fooling myself….anyway I am back and having waded through 450 emails in the office on Friday am raring to go….but where!

It seems that as soon as I go overseas the dollar crashes..not a bad thing for our manufacturers…except we don’t have any left ..but not a good thing for inflation and petrol prices …better for miners who are scratching around with Iron Ore just above $81…soon to be below $80 I suspect…anyway the banks have got the jitters and post results season the market is definitely pregnant with risk…seems that the fall in the Aussie has ensured overseas hedge funds have exited the building..and why wouldn’t they when Alibaba rose 38% on its first days’ trading…no wonder they prefer things back home..


Of course the government here is still at the beck and call of PUP and no sideshow of Islamic Terror threats will change that and make business feel better…I remain slightly negative and expect the market to continue to pullback…no point in rushing in…the only strong part of the economy is the housing market which continues to bubble away at extraordinary levels…no point in adding my opinion in this one as everyone has already pronounced a huge speculators bubble..wouldn’t say anything different…however it is fair to say that the property market is like any market and there are some areas(shares) that haven’t moved whilst some are hot as hell…just like Syrah and Sirius were in our markets …

I continue to urge caution and patience…


Idea of the Day


No brilliant ones yet…still like AFJ though ..bought another 20 centres whilst I was away…remember the GEM centres are valued at $67,000 kid whilst the Affinity guys are valued at around 1/3 of that…the road map is in place its just a question of how long it takes to get there I believe…


Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!

Frank Lampard scoring an equaliser against Chelsea and Man United losing 5-3 to Leicester City!!!

Buru Energy has secured the backing of privately owned Coogee Chemicals, which is buying an 8.9 per cent stake as part of a $40 million raising that will fund crucial drilling and testing of Buru’s potentially vast resources in the Canning Basin

The world’s 400 richest people added $6.5 billion to their collective net worth this week as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. staged the biggest initial public offering ever in the U.S.

Not sure if IS or Ebola is a bigger threat at the moment…The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s model for a worst-case scenario, presuming no additional aid beyond current resources, shows 550,000 infected people by the end of January.

“We are mindful of the potential for a build-up of excessive risk in financial markets, particularly in an environment of low interest rates and low asset price volatility,” the G-20 officials said.

A Deutsche Bank foreign exchange trader has been sacked and is under investigation by Australian regulators for inflating trades and costing the investment bank up to $5 million in losses.

Good to see John Howard’s eyebrows back in action…..they should get their own TV show…


First UN summit on climate change in five years about to kick off…

QANTAS is taking the life rafts off its domestic flights as it looks to save fuel!!!

Shell is free to sell its remaining 13% holding in WPL now the 90 day embargo has expired…

And finally….starting to run out of appropriate jokes so if you have any send them in ..I am pretty open minded and only use ones that won’t offend too many people!@!!

The boss walked into the office one morning not knowing his zipper was down and his fly area wide open.  His assistant walked up to him and said,

‘This morning when you left your house, did you close your garage door?’ The boss told her he knew he’d closed the garage door, and walked into his office puzzled  by the question.

As he finished his paperwork, he suddenly noticed his fly was open, and zipped it up.

He then understood his assistant’s question about his ‘garage door.’

He headed out for a cup of coffee and paused by her desk to ask, ‘When my garage door was open, did you see my Jaguar parked in there?’

She smiled and said, ‘No, I didn’t. All I saw was an old minivan with two flat tires…

Have a great day….



Get a Global take on things at www.ntmarkets.com

Get a Global take on things at http://www.ntmarkets.com