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Finally a smidge of good news on Ukraine as RasPutin has put forward a peace plan..funny how this is on the verge of the big NATO summit in Wales at the golf course that held the 2010 Ryder Cup..suspect Obama will be itching to get out there and show the other leaders who is boss!!Anyway for the time being things have quietened down in Ukraine…however there is no doubt in my mind RasPutin means to win this one and take over vast swathes of Ukraine for Russia ..there are plans to link it with his recent acquisitions in the Crimea…still at least the French have delayed handing over two new warships to him…considering the state of the French economy that’s a big call…

Anyway more evidence that the US is going well overnight…but NASDAQ copped it as Samsung beat Apple to the punch with their latest Galaxy 78 product…Apple is due to announce a new iPhone 72 on September 9th…of course this huge announcement has been slightly diminished by the icloud hack and the pictures of Jennifer Lawrence…of course it’s not their fault …note to self don’t put my nude photos on the cloud!


Anyway no leads from overseas except Iron Ore so expect a little bit more waiting for Mario…tonight he unveils his cunning plan …a plan so cunning it has won a scholarship to the University of Cunning in Brussels…it’s that’s so much more than a 0.1% rate much more..



Idea of the Day-Iron Ore slumps….looks like it will soon have a 7 in front of the price….Today we focus on the Banks

 iron ore slumps



There are lots of high profile analysts now suggesting that the awesome foursome…the Aussie banks ..have done their dash and that the hunt for yield is over..really?Looks like a valiant attempt to generate commission to me…they reckon that new capital requirements coupled with the US interest rate rises in 2015 will kill the banks attractiveness…are they for real…if the US pops rates up .15% or so will everyone exit CBA…dream on…it is not going to happen…buy the banks die with the banks…HOWVER if you beioeve ike I do that these fellas have done their dash and will slow their advance then it is a really good idea to sell calls against your bank holdings…I have said this many times…lovely dividends and good support from those that missed out and you can get even more income by selling calls…it’s a no brainer..its like renting out an investment property…without the lousy tenants…If you own banks and are worried about the upside talk to a friendly broker and ask them how to increase your returns,hedge your position and enjoy the’s pretty simple really..



Things to make me go mmmmm!!!


BHP Billiton: chief Andrew Mackenzie says the company’s future investments will be squarely ¬focused on energy, leaving his Australian iron ore and coking coal businesses taking a back seat.


Aussie Post has announced its profits today..or lack of them…when did government owned businesses start announcing their profits….dont hear much from other services that are run to the gov…how much did the schools make..or the hospitals…letters will soon be a thing of the past…emails …and junk mail…all of which can be hacked…as we have seen..


The Sydney property market is one huge bubble…the State Government must be happy are Fairfax, and MOC etc…let’s face it ,no one will benefit from this bubble bursting…ever…apart from first home buyers and nah…who cares about them..Front page of the Herald shows a desperate man lining up for three days to buy a block of land!!!!!


Seenator John Madigan has quit the DLP party…who?…and which party is that?


Good to see Paul Keating arcing up in the media about the super backdown from our glorious leader Clive..


Henderson Global Investors has warned Australians seeking higher returns for their super savings that better ¬opportunities existed offshore, and they should increase their ¬exposure to markets such as the US. “We are seeing a strong recovery in the United States and the United Kingdom, and Australia has started to soften and is not looking as attractive.”


Yesterday’s economic numbers were a little underwhelming as was the performance of Joe Hockey after…he looks like a shot duck…always though he was not the brains in the family and he looked like a man very uncomfortable with details again..good on slogans and attacking Bill Shorten…fired up when on safe ground but a shot duck on everything else..sorry Joe you are a dead man more cock up and it’s a reshuffle for you…or health reasons?..more time with your young family? …NY posting?…just let Malcolm run the country!!

 joe hockey meme

 One cigar away from the back benches!!!

And finally….


If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you. 


Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.



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