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Morning sports fans,


Will keep this relatively short and sweet as I wade through the 120 emails I missed from yesterday!!!

Did you miss me a little bit…nah..thought not…anyway it’s raining men… hallelujah, it’s raining men..or rather divi dends !!Telstra has announced this morning and rewarded the faithful as they continue to stick it to the opposition…increase in dividends to 29.5c plus a buy back…no special div but this maybe better….so for all your SMSF and yield investors it’s hard to go past TLS…as usual…yesterday I missed the big kahuna in Comm Bank….punched the lights out…of course they get sold off after the numbers, its tradition after all but should start to pick up and head higher in coming weeks….the problem the banks have is that they are a big target..the big four make $30bn between them…that’s over $1000 profit for everyone in this country…easy target for the pollies to pop a super tax on perhaps, so they tend not to crow too much!!!And Ian Narev saying there is no bubble in housing..yeah right!!!and no corruption in NSW politics…anyway bubbles can last for a long time…a long time…

So where to for the market…was that the correction..no I don’t think so but it is in bounce mode for a while longer..we probably got a bit too bearish…trouble is looking at the clowns in Canberra is pretty depressing…leadership is sadly lacking from all sides…feathering of nests seems to be the go…watched PUP Senator Jackie Lambie on TV the other day…really?

Another 20 or so on the market today led by TLS…reporting season is being defined not by the rear view mirror of the results but the windscreen forward looking statements…


Idea of the Day


Looks like the Future Generation fund that I have harped on about is going to close early as it is proving so popular….if you are interested at all…let me know and I will see what I can do….but looking pretty hot!!!

Since talking AFJ they have rallied a bit but believe there is more to come…like the Childcare space…as a parent and a pet owner there are two things we always and I mean always spend money on…kids and pets…Childcare can’t lose….well except for Eddie that is but these days the operators have learnt their lessons from the sins of the man in the cowboy boots…won’t make that mistake again!!

Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!

White men can’t jump and “poor people don’t drive:”…according to smoking Joe….this government is starting to make even Kev07 look good….troops in, troops out…come on get the story straight …it’s not hard just listen to Peta after all..Hockey just pointing out the facts…poor spend less on suits and cigars too…and this guy is the Treasurer!!!

Woeful economic numbers now starting to come out, as Zombieland realises that sanctions against Russia are in fact shooting themselves well and truly in the foot…no growth, Germany struggling…horror numbers from China yesterday and the Japanese economy falling in a serious heap as the sales tax is increased…so all this bad economic news is actually good for the market…low rates and stimulus forever…yippeeee….does embolden the bulls and send the bears running for cover..

China’s central bank is ­urging calm after a shock plunge in lending growth during July .A sharp slowdown in the property market and fears about corporate defaults combined to make lenders extra cautious last month, resulting in the lowest level of new credit since the GFC Total social financing, which includes new loans, off-balance sheet lending and direct financing, dropped to just Yuan273.1 billion ($47.7 billion), a ­fraction of the expected Yuan1.5 trillion….ouch!!!ANZ Mike Smith says no one understands China like they do…nothing to worry about so move along peeps!!

Extra costs associated with sacking people have hit Optus hard.. Australia’s second biggest telco, Optus, has suffered a slide in profit and revenues during the first quarter of its financial year. Optus’s net profit dipped 1.8 per cent to $164 million in the three months to June 30.Without all the restructuring charges the numbers would be up 12%…Vodafone …no where!!!

Bank of Queensland  has been rocked by the resignation of chief executive Stuart Grimshaw, who has been lured to the US to run a small-cap, Nasdaq-listed company outside the banking industry.

Now JBH has been hit hard cos it is struggling to sell iPads apparently…but you know the iPhone 6 is due soon and I for one may take the leap into a new phone…iPhone 3 is really not cutting it…I think that the market has overreacted to the JBH result and it’s a buy!!!

Carsales disappoints…falls heavily…you know what I keep going to lunches about disruptive technology…disrupting existing business models..most concentrate on disrupting old school models but in a few years time Carsales and things like RealEstate.com will be the old school business models…these will be disrupted…evolve or die ..I think the high PE’s for these stocks is not justified and new kids on the block will eat their lunch in a few years time…..of course they are now so big that they can buy, warehouse or just leverage the opposition like REA are doing with IPP but todays tech is tomorrows old biz model… “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”Bueller? Bueller?

RIP Lauren Bacall…always a class act..

 lauern bacall

In the US still…there is serious trouble and civil unrest following a police shooting in ________…just fill in the blanks…this time its Ferguson, Missouri

 swat team

And words of wisdom from the lame duck US Pres … “urging reflection”

Japan and Italy just broke another record – sovereign debt loads (1.038 quadrillion JPY and 2.17 trillion EUR respectively).NICE!!!

And finally….in the spirit of the Bledisloe

A couple were lying in bed together on the morning of their 10th wedding anniversary when the wife says, ‘Darling, as this is such a special occasion, I think that it is time I made a confession…… before we were married I was a hooker for eight years…’

The husband ponders for a moment and then looks into his wife’s eyes and says, ‘My love, you have been a perfect wife for 10 years!  And I cannot hold your past against you.  Maybe you could show me a few tricks of the trade, so as to spice up our sex life a bit…?

She said, ‘Darling I don’t think you understood me correctly, my name was Brian and I played rugby for Wales ………’

Have a great day…don’t forget I will be away next week…on a course for four days…no, not a golf course…a real course really..trust me I am a stockbroker!



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Get a Global take on things at http://www.ntmarkets.com