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Morning sports fans,

A relatively calm night last night with a modest rise on the Dow but over in Zombieland things were a little bleak..German manufacturing in a shocker, Italians going backwards and UK underwhelming with their Industrial Production whacked their world…expect to see us go nowhere fast today…results starting to hit our markets…few out this morning with FXL and LMW I am following…anyway it was good to see us cling to 5500 yesterday and bounce…think we may have another go at this level before we breach it..RIO numbers out today and HGG so will be more of a guide to mining and finance worlds…Mining services still looks in trouble as witnessed by Ausdrill yesterday with an impairment charge of around 60-90 m bucks..still not real money only a balance sheet item..just a flesh wound..

Anyway gold had its best day in six weeks…Iron Ore up…tug boat drivers going on a rolling strike..$350,000 not enough to guide a boat around and Oil slightly better too..expect some better days for resource stocks..

Idea of the Day

I have raved over the last week or so about two new LICs QV Equities and Future Generation fund…just so you know QV is closing this Friday so if you want any let me know…it is a new $200m fund run by Investors Mutual concentrating on investing OUTSIDE the top 20 stocks but inside the ASX200…it’s what they do best and Anton has a great team behind him to deliver good solid conservative performance over the medium term…

If you are interested in any of these floats let me know asap before they close…both have good managers, good exposure to long term performance, low fees and with Future Generation a charity angle too..what’s not to like?

Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!

Not sure going to the new boutique Brewery and Bar last night was the appropriate training for the City to Surf!!!Too much tapering I suspect….way too much!!!

Italy is going in reverse….oh the irony…anyway looks like the Italian economy is heading into recession as exports collapse…one of the problems the Zombie market has is that it is so intertwined with Russia that sanctions seem to be hurting not just the Ruskies…German manufacturing also woeful!!!And that is the powerhouse of Europe….think Super Mario may have to come up with another cunning plan..a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox…

Bank of America is looking like settling with the authorities for $17bn for their part in the Mortgage debacle…so not just the French that have been whacked…wonder where all the money goes?

The Inconvenient Truth is that interest rates are NOT going to stay low forever..they will be starting to move higher in 2015…and its August 2014..I know, where did the year go..but the markets have to start to get used to a higher rate environment and all that that brings..you have been warned..the halcyon days of fed support are coming to an end…time tos tand up on our own feet..especially since $3.2 trillion in support has gone such a long way!!Zombieland well that’s another matter altogether..lost decade or two ..actually maybe lost it altogether!!

Don’t you love the Ruskies…this is what their defence minister had to say last night on the Ukraine… “Peacekeeping units should be in a state of constant battle readiness.” He added: “The world has changed, and has changed dramatically. As you know from previous examples, peacekeeping units can be activated without warning.”

These blokes are far scarier than Obama’s boys…

ruskies 1

obamas men

Talking of tough men,Jeff Kennett has been appointed by Coles as an independent arbiter to ensure their suppliers are dealt with fairly..independent? Who is paying him..Coles? So not that independent then…

AGL Energy: has been given the green light to push ahead with fracking activities at coal-seam gas wells at its controversial Gloucester project.Should go down well with the locals…get Kerr’s exes to help out on the picket lines…should be entertaining.

In Rare Earth land, MolyCorp ,the US version of Lynas has announced they have secured funding of $400m for their continuing operations…two ways to take this..bad for LYC as shows the competition is not dead.The other way is that it is good for them as it shows there is money out there and the Japanese may be encouraged in their negotiations..I prefer the bullish scenario…

Gaming and wagering company Tabcorp has reported a 2.6 per cent rise in net profit to $129.9 million, which was dragged down by a $19.5 million levy related to its previous operation of poker machines in Victoria.

Macau gaming stocks got a real whacking last night with most down 5%…should feed through to a weak day for CWN…

Is this genius?…you can buy an iPhone case that is an extra battery and a breathalyser!!Absolute genius…want one

I would recommend anyone interested in privacy and security and how the Government intends to snoop on us to watch the Brandis Interview on Sky TV yesterday…here it is…not quite sure how these people get a job!!!!must be the 40 applications..it’s a numbers game!!just like the Senate it seems!!

And finally……..


I walked into Bunnings yesterday and this old  bloke in a red shirt and an apron asked me if I wanted decking. Fortunately, I got the first punch in and that was that. But others may not be as lucky, so be on your guard.



Have a great day…no more side trips to boutique breweries…I am training…need to keep telling myself that…nearly $1000 for charity so pretty happy…


Few days left to donate…and no more Modus Operandi Brewing excursions!!







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