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Another nothing night as we wait for the Fed(again) and the GDP numbers…economic numbers were mixed at best in the US and a dodgy GDP print could send the US into a technical recession..that would test the bulls…anyway margin lending and galloping greed continues in the Dow as risks build around the world….let me count the risks

Our market is knocking on heavens’ door..well 5600 anyway with the banks stalling somewhat and resources taking up the gauntlet..small caps are back tapping shareholders left right and centre in a bid to get their dormant exploration programs underway again..before long the service companies will see the benefit..may come too late for some but it’s a pulse at least…expect another wishy washy day of low volume, low interest as the money raising continues to suck out the loose money from Instos…why buy in the market when you can just wait for the 5% discount placement stock..much easier..Down 5 today…QBE setting the tone…


Idea of the day

Now I know all the talking heads on TV are saying come on in the waters fine…asset prices are going to the moon whether they be property or stocks or antique teapots but I remain sceptical and nervous…it does seem that the risks are building around the world and everyone has feasted on cheap money for the last five some stage we will get stay cautious…on TV I suggested on Friday that we will see 6000 on the index this believe that but also think we will see a shake out before then…we need a pullback…rates are going to rise…it is inevitable..everyone is trying to stay as long as possible at the party before the cops arrive…looking to slip out the back as they walk in the front door…doesn’t always work that way..I know, been to that party before both metaphorically and physically…damn good party but better to leave 5 minutes early than run the risk…whilst I do not believe that we will have a crash, I do think we have stretched a little too far….good time to ensure you have some cash to pick up some bargains when they appear…


As rates rise punters will assess the high yield story….that’s the banks…



Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!


Ebola!!!Starting to spread in West Africa..maybe being alarmist but 670 people have died so far.


There are some things in life you can count on…death taxes, nurses and a downgrade from QBE… Argentine Workers compensation to blame..I mean who knew they even did this for gods sake…anyway expect a little more on the nose ness in this one… QBE Expects 1H Insurance Profit Margin of 7-8% QBE Margin Guidance Below Analysts’ Expectations of 10% QBE Expects 1H Net Profit of Around US$390m.


Scots beat Newington 101 –Nil…no elite sports program at Newington it seems…


Stunner LNG is in a trading halt to raise close to $40m from punters to buy a Nova Scotian gas project, Bear Head, for $11m.


I know how these guys feel but it is a sign of better things ahead I suspect.. Confidence in Australia’s mining sector has hit a new five-year low as industry leaders express disappointment at the Abbott government’s failure to deliver on election promises.


Debutante #HSO# made a good start to its new incarnation yesterday to surge late to a 11cents premium, stags are happy ,management are happy..everybody is happy…


The US IPO bandwagon has once again exploded as 25 new names are expected to attempt to squeeze through the door this week before it once again slams shut.


Zillow(US REAL ESTATE.COM) agreed to buy Trulia(competitor) in a $3.5 billion deal, pushing Trulia shares up 18%.they are paying in Monopoly money shares


REA Group is not interested in buying all of Iproperty Group apparently. REA bought the 31 million shares from for $3.40 each, about a 10 per cent premium to their last close, or $106.3 million.


Watched Erica Bets on lateline last night..where do they find these people..apply for 40 jobs a month..what 40 jobs…and isn’t that going to make the companies happy..all those applications from out of work Geos to flip burgers and shake fries…and of course could never answer the question of where the jobs are going to come from..slogans and anecdotal evidence…good luck in Tasmania..there aren’t 40 jobs in the state!!!!


Seems no one is listening to the US anymore…John Kerry is struggling to get Israel to back off ….elsewhere in the world the US police man role looks dead and buried…no appetite from Obama and his administration for foreign interventions anymore..can’t afford or can’t be in their interest…or voters sick of it…who knows…


And finally….with a week and a half to go before my City to Surf ‘fun’ run I set the treadmill to the same pace that my daughter  runs at..we are doing it together…made it to 400m before I fell apart..guess we won’t be crossing the line together!!!if you are keen to sponsor me.I would be eternally grateful…here’s the link…sponsor me


Can’t remember if you have seen this before..still good though!!



The lawyer says: “I have some good news and bad news”

The CEO replies: “I have had an awful day, let’s hear the good news first.”

The lawyer says: “Your wife invested $20,000 in five pictures that are worth a minimum of $2 million”

The CEO replies enthusiastically: “Well done, very good news indeed ! You’ve made my day; now what is the bad news?”

The lawyer answers: “These pictures are of you in bed with your secretary”


Have a great day




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