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Morning sports fans,


No football this morning so normal service resumes..although I must admit I reckon I have woken up in a parallel universe. Clive is President and Portugal is back on the map plus CYNK..a company with one employee no web site, no assets ,no revenue ,nothing…. is worth $6bn!!!!CYNK…think the code says it all…


Anyway last night rumblings of Portugal in trouble with one of their banks put the focus back on the fact that Zombieland is not really recovering..in fact the drivers of the growth miracle..Germany is actually going backwards as are France(given) and Italy…the only bright spot is the UK which ironically doesn’t want to be in Europe at all!!Let’s face it the market has been running on the free money for a long time now and that snot to say it won’t continue but we have not had a good pullback for a while…maybe I should have phrased that better but we need some sanity to return to investment markets..not just takeover fever and IPO FOMO…free money breeds silly decisions…anyway all has been right with the world whilst Wimbledon and Brazil dominate the feel good feeling but as the Fed slips out the back jack then we have to have a long hard look at the Emperor and see what clothes he is wearing..looked like a red check shirt on the ABC last night…


Good to see that Canberra has lost all touch with reality…edifying look in the Senate yesterday…thinking of running for politics..jobs for life and great pay and super scheme..no wonder we star in disbelief at our leaders…




Expect a small loss today to finish the week but resources to star…Gold stocks starting to find their legs..financials to suffer..boring stocks that pay dividends and have a real biz are so dull…small cap resources are the go!!

Idea of the Day-Resources are hot!!!

News yesterday that Glencore has approached Syrah in the pub and asked them if they wanna go home with them…apparently it happens all the time to these guys..Mozambique is the place to be..Graphite and Vanadium are the hot commodities..didn’t feel that long ago that Rare Earths were all the rage..LYC did much better before they actually starting producing anything and making money!!Gonna stcik with my LYC call too!!!!!Anyway as SYR fly high..CSE are being dragged with them as a 7% shareholder so too are Mozambique explorer Metals of Africa(the mentioned Graphite once and have tripled!!!) and TNG vanadium hopeful in Western Australia…sold my TNG at 26 two days ago!!!Doh!!!Still they were 3 cents not long ago so I reckon that’s a result!!!


So as we see the small resource sector spring to life, I have even had other brokers phoning me up with hot stocks to buy…been a while..maybe it’s the start of something …always said that the strong would survive and corporate activity would pick up..it’s happening..dust off those bottom drawer stocks and check if they have graphite,grapheme,vanadium or gold!!just like a lottery ticket that never expires!!


Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!

I sent this out yesterday but it’s worth considering…what the Fed is trying to achieve…http://youtu.be/Soi5nfhVjJI

Obama has offered to mediate in the Israeli/Hamas conflict in the Gaza…why not start with something easy Barack!!Israel is mobilising 20,000 troops to invade Gaza…not going to end well!

Chinese exports YoY in June were up 7.2% to USD 1.868 billion., but well below forecasts calling for a YoY rise of 10.4% .The prior outcome in May was a YoY gain  7%. Chinese imports improved to 5.5% YoY from the May outcome of -1.6% and forecasts at 6%.

Gold at a four month high…banking problems in Zombieland helping things along…Greeks out on strike again and Bulgarian banks also in trouble…two weeks after they were given the all clear…so 2012.

Euro growth being revised down too!!

ROC oil has its long awaited AGM today..yet another bid lobbed too..things are heating up…

Shares in Atlas Iron have fallen sharply after they revealed that worsening market conditions had forced it to accept increased discounts on its iron ore. Atlas said it had shipped a record 3.1 million tonnes of iron ore during the June quarter from its Pilbara mines…that’s the good news ..price achieved is the bad news..

FXJ has announced a $50 million deal to acquire an online property portal in Canberra as part of an expansion of classifieds business Domain. It’s understood privately owned All Homes generated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of $6 million-$7 million in the previous financial year, implying a purchase price of about eight times earnings.

The best reason to keep the ABC as it is was on display last night on the 7.30 report as they asked the tough questions of Emperor Clive…and he walked…

This is a classic..the more things change ETC!!!From the Wall Street Journal in 1889!!!!


















And finally….

As some readers will know last year I did the City to Surf…so thought I would do it again this year…running for Starlight Foundation so if you feel the urge to be charitable please feel free…here is my link and would be nice to raise a few bucks for them..


And of course this is what you have really been waiting for rather than me rattling the tin!!!bonus from Andrew today…

A man from Kuala Lumpur tells his wife that he has a business appointment in Beijing for the weekend.

He informs her that he will fly on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Now, he’s been stuck for 15 weeks in his girlfriend’s house and doesn’t have the faintest idea how to go home!!!!

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Back on Sky at 5.30pm..Have a great weekend…




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Get a Global take on things at http://www.ntmarkets.com