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Morning sports fans,

Another day ,another takeover as WOTIF gets a bid from Expedia…goodbye competition…big price and looks to be a done deal…Also in the news Aristocrat is acquiring Video Gaming Technologies in the US so it’s all happening…

Too many classic sporting events and not enough time..actually not enough sleep as Wimbledon,World Cup,Grand prix and the Tour d’France all on at the moment…does seem that everyone has gone overseas this winter…the place is deserted..so much for a gloomy economy!!!Feel like the only one who is working…bus is empty!!!Streets are empty!!!

And so we are moving ever towards the top end of the range…in three days!!!Wow..anyway as usual the banks are driving it..they can do no wrong it seems..Conbank hasn’t even skipped a beat in their latest scandal..seems no one is listening…FOMO is great with this one Luke…

Have to put in an Independence Day quote just because!!!



“Once again, the L.A.P.D. is asking Los Angelenos not to fire their guns at the visitor spacecraft. You may inadvertently trigger an interstellar war.”

Idea of the Day-Speculative oil stocks

A month or so ago we did a placement in Tangiers petroleum(TPT) and a few lucky punters picked them up through me at 18 to see them race to 32 before waning a little..nice …anyway these guys are drilling(hence the money raising) and in Morocco which is looking like a hot area at the moment with news on Friday that Woodside had bought into the area through the Rabat Deep offshore project….TPT worth looking at as drilling continues…

While we are on oil ,one of the superstars of the sector Buru has been struggling of late…the stock peaked at around $3.60 before sliding for the last year or so to nearly $1.00…the CEO has departed! The previous CEO Eric the Viking Streidberg is now back in charge and am expecting him to refocus the group on shareholder returns…expect to see better performance going forward …landholders are on board now for the tight gas program so looking more positive…

And the third oil idea is PRL-Uruguay-run by a quality team led by ex Eastern Star CEO David Casey. Seismic program about to start again worth a look.

By the way if you are interested in placements let me know and I can send you details of the sophisticated and profession investor program..

Things to make me go mmmmm!!

Macquarie Group’s private wealth unit has been accused of not co-operating with the Senate committee that delved into unethical financial planning ¬practices at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Looks like Christine Lagarde is about to issue a another downgrade to World Growth…International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde signaled a cut in the institution’s global growth forecasts, saying investment is still weak and that risks remain in the U.S. even as its rebound accelerates. France seems to be heading for a recession it seems…

Meanwhile in Spain, Gotham City Research predicted that “Gowex shares are worth €0.00 per share.”Gowex is a Spanish wireless company..turns out to be revenue less too!!As Gotham predicted..they stated that  over 90% of Gowex’s reported revenues do not exist noting that “we estimate GOW’s actual revenues to be <€10 million.”Turns out the CEO was lying about the revenue all along…company sacked him and gone into admin..why is this interesting….well the so called expert analysts had pushed the stock up to a $2bn valuation…and poof then it was gone! The Keyser Soze of Investments!

“The greatest trick the Fed ever pulled was convincing the world they didn’t cause the bubble. And like that, poof. They’re gone.”

Austria’s largest bank  the Erste Group, announced that, oops, its earlier forecast about the amount of bad loans on its books is wrong, and will have to rise by a massive 40%, leading to what will be a record $2.2 billion loss, and triggering writedowns. Stock fell off a cliff!!!

It’s Monday so not much to talk about yet!!!

And finally….





















Have a great Monday






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Get a Global take on things at http://www.ntmarkets.com