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Morning sports fans,

Bit flat this morning after getting up at 4.30 am to watch my team lose…again…going home now…So not sure who to support from here….Netherlands maybe…Anyway the markets last night were pretty dull too except for Gold..wow, what a night, huge 3.3% rise, and why? Have no idea…think every short got squeezed!!Not a pretty sight…Zinc also at a 16 month high with the Dow pushing up a smidge.


Yesterday we saw a huge ‘rush of blood to the head’ ..which is a coincidence given that Coldplay are in town…question is can it last..not sure it was completely warranted and seemed that shorts got caught post the SPI expiry..BHP especially strong..maybe Chinese comments helped but expect ‘Irrational exuberance’ to wane today!!


I still remain of the view the market is sideways to down until September by which time the Fed will have slipped out the back Jack ,made a new plan Stan and set themselves free..


Idea of the Day-New IPO …specy punters only

Now in this line of business I see a lot of miners ,a lot of hopefuls and lots of people trying to raise money for a world class resource project but every once in a while I see something that stirs my interest and this falls into that category..

Now we all know that fakes around the world are an issue..I can think of Wayne Rooney for one..sorry …but most of the fakes come out of China…not pointing any fingers but it has to be said I am afraid..so a company that is looking to enable large companies to track and protect their brands from fakes seems a pretty good idea..add in the ability of the consumer to tell a fake from real and I think they may be on to something…one such company is YPB systems run by a guy called John Houston..they have developed anti counterfeiting technology that is actually embedded in the product itself as a tracer/marker..they have spent $10m and 4 years developing this system and are now ready to roll it out..currently they are raising money..aren’t they all these days..through a reverse takeover of AUV and are looking for $3-6m …

“YPB provides a unique, cost effective, invisible, indestructible anti counterfeit solution that becomes part of the product or packaging.”

They have four patents and are focussed on China for obvious reasons…they already have 9 signed contracts and more on the way..

It is speculative and for those with long memories there was once a company called MIKOH that promised much and delivered less than nothing in this space but the management is credible and the product works, coupled with a $14bn counterfeit market makes it pretty attractive..

They have been in the press recently and have got some good traction and look to be close to raising the money….anyway if you are interested I am happy to send a copy of the prospectus..it’s open to all ,unlike some recent ones…Do your own research but for IPO lovers in the tech space it could be worth a look..

Bit of press on them if interested..attached.. Another broker is leading the raise but thought it worth mentioning..

Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!




Thought I had woken up on a parallel universe when Fox News in the US had a serious go at Dick Cheney’s record on Iraq…not in the script at all..wasnt he the saviour of Iraq and the world from the WMD and the Iraqis were going to greet the US with open arms!!


I see the new bad kid on the block in the latest Axis of Evil sequel is ISIS ..and to make matters worse than the odd Black Hawk and a bucket of cash they have now captured Sadams Chemical weapons stockpiles…really after all the troops in Iraq over  the last decade no one thought to destroy the stockpiles..apparently it would take a lot of work to make them usable ..still dirty bomb anyone??

I had to rub my eyes this morning in more ways than one as I read on Bloomberg that the analysts in the US are rating Amazon a but at 500 times earnings!!!You have got to be joking!!!Still did launch a new phone..its modelled on a Nokia apparently and takes you straight to their web site…looks like a winner

Good to see that recent IPO PAS group has had a torrid start..Retailer PAS is now down from $1.20 to $1.02…retailers continue to do it tough…and warm weather not helping!!

Have we had another ‘Whatever it takes moment’ as in China Premier Li Keqiang said that “I can promise everyone honestly and solemnly, there won’t be a hard landing”.

We thought we should have a whip round for the Ex Goldman Suchs trader who got duded on his bonus… Deeb Salem, a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) trader who said he helped the bank earn more than $7 billion, wants to be paid the almost $5 million difference between his 2010 bonus and what he told his mother to expect….if you want to contribute ring 1300 DICK…

DJs has postponed it crucial shareholders meeting for two weeks so that Secret Solly can buy some more perhaps?

Linc Energy is pushing ahead with plans to sell its Australian coal assets, organising meetings with potential trade and private equity buyers for next week.

And as the Iron Ore price struggles..something to bear in mind from Bloomers today.. “About 80 percent of China’s mines have operating costs at around $80 to $90 a ton, according to the Shanghai-based consulting firm Mysteel.com. That compares with $44 for Rio Tinto, $53 for BHP, $68 for Vale and $77 for Fortescue, according to estimates’

Washington Redskins may be looking for a new name after a US court decision that the trademark was insulting…any ideas?

And finally….

A mother is driving her little girl to her friend’s house for a play date.

‘Mummy’, the little girl asks, ‘how old are you?’

‘Honey, you are not supposed to ask a lady her age’, the mother replied. ‘It’s not polite’.

‘OK’, the little girl says, ‘What colour was your hair 2 years ago?’

‘Now really’, the mother says, ‘those are personal questions and are really none of your business’.

Undaunted, the little girl asks, ‘Why did you and Daddy get a divorce?’

‘That’s enough questions, young lady! Honestly!’

The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin to play.

‘My Mum won’t tell me anything about her,’ the little girl says to her friend.

‘Well,’ says the friend, ‘all you need to do is look at her driver’s license.

It’s like a report card, it has everything on it.’

Later that night the little girl says to her mother, ‘I know how old you are. You are 32.’

The mother is surprised and asks, ‘How did you find that out?’

‘I also know that you used to have brown hair.’

The mother is past surprised and shocked now.

‘How in Heaven’s name did you find that out?’

‘And,’ the little girl says triumphantly, ‘I know why you and daddy got a divorce.’

‘Oh really?’ the mother asks. ‘Why?’

‘Because on your driving licence it says you got an F in sex.’


Have a great weekend





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