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Good news from the US economy pushed their market higher. Again.NASDAQ especially firm as the Emperor Clothing companies rallied as did biotechs…maybe if Pfizer can’t buy Astra then it will buy something else?

Expect a muted rally today..hopefully we will see more volume but I doubt it…my “Sell in May call” has not been that flash so far..for the month we closed on 30th April at 5489 and here we are at 5511…so no ‘Sell in May’ here!!!actually, no anything really…we wait for Super Mario while we churn at the higher levels…I still favour caution…and it’s a stock pickers world…as it should be…

The seismic shift in Zombieland is only just starting to sink in …but things have changed big time..the status quo is on notice that the Great Euro Experiment is not as popular or all it is cracked up to be …In the coming months and years this last election will fundamentally change things..hopefully for the better but we shall see…UK leader David Cameron says “Brussels is too big and too bossy”.


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 17.53.30




Even World leaders do selfies..especially with the Danish PM…she is the one in the middle in case you were wondering!!!



Gold got walloped despite continued unrest in Ukraine, Thailand ,Vietnam/China etc….won’t be much fun for the bulls….but it seems that a deal is in the offing for a Mali Gold miner Papillion PIR so that may help a few of the tiddlers… nah..forlorn hope…



Idea of the day


Back on May 8th I suggested that Lynas would be one to watch and buy around 12 cents as they got sold down before the pricing period for the SPP…well so it came to pass….and yesterday they hit 17c…whoo hoo…and even more whoo hooo the company has been tucked up like a goodun as the shares they are issuing to existing shareholders under the SPP will be down at 11.3cents..get in!!!Not sure these guys got the best advice…seems like the smart money has made off like a bandit with some nice cheap shares and now will ramp them back to 20c….


So I hear you ask what’s my next bright idea…as if that wasn’t good enough..


Well it’s a punters special…DNA…it’s a casino in Vietnam..have talked this one before and I know some readers have done pretty well out of this one…they have had a soft opening of the new super duper casino in Vietnam filled with Chinese punters..the stock got hit for six yesterday as the Vietnamese fishing boat got rammed and sunk..I think this is a buy down here…sure it may be volatile and swing as more boats are rammed but the truth is that the influx of Chinese across the border to the tables of DNA is not stopping…a gambler and the tables are not easily parted..Vietnam needs the money and China needs its second tier gamblers to be able to do it offsite…like Macau only for the low rollers…I like this as it has the boys from Genting behind it…expect volatility…border tensions will affect it so it’s there to trade…but at 103 it has a lot going for it..speculative players only need apply..remember to bet with your head not over it!!


Things to make me go mmmmmm!!!


Origin tonight…one day I must watch it!


M&A is back …Australand has had its bid upped by Stockland to equivalent of $4.35 this morning..just shows the first bid is never the last…having said that I think TWE has run ahead of itself…


Rolf Harris confuses the Southwark court for the Royal Variety show at the London Palladium….even brought his wobble board it appears!!!

download (24)


I have become addicted to watching a show called The Bridge…it’s in Swedish!!!Or Danish..not really sure…it’s all Muppet’s chef stuff to me!!!better than GOT!!!So over that one…


Poker machine maker Aristocrat Leisure expects strong annual profit growth after lifting its first half earnings nine per cent.Aristocrat’s net profit rose to $57.4 million in the six months to March 31 as it gained a larger market share in the United States.In line with our expectation apparently…Don’t disappoint…OxForex did yesterday and were whacked 20%…bit overdone perhaps?


Biotechs are having some press at the moment and some moves.. Novogen reaches milestone in SBP drug program; US-listed stock rose 3.5% Prana Biotech’s US stock soared as much as 35% overnight..have a squiz at NAN for this that like the sector…even UNS were up nearly 5% in the US!!!


China plans to remove six million vehicles that do not meet exhaust emission standards by the end of the year as a way of improving air quality.More than 300,000 vehicles will be decommissioned in the capital Beijing. Good for GM etc and probably will help the Iron Ore price too…


China looks to kick out its IBM servers due to the security risk…I find it ironic that the US were worried about Chinese industrial espionage when all their products are made in China!!!


Failure to find a partner with deep pockets to help fund the $3 billion Carrapateena copper-gold project in South Australia could force project owner OZ Minerals to place the project on care and maintenance, chairman Neil Hamilton told the annual general meeting in Melbourne yesterday


“Just as any revolution eats its children, unchecked market fundamentalism can devour the social capital essential for the long-term dynamism of capitalism itself.” Mark ‘Circus’ Carney.


75bn is the estimated number of barrels of recoverable shale oil that Russia could access as it launches an ‘action plan’ to master fracking.


Orders for durable goods, which are US manufactured goods meant to last three years or more, unexpectedly rose in April, and consumer confidence perked up in May, backing views of a rebound in economic growth.


President Obama has announced Mission Accomplished in Afghanistan…that is if it was to get the Opium economy growing…Mission accomplished indeed…




This guy is good…well worth subscribing…



And finally…..


After 20 years together, my sweet husband invited me to go hunting with him this year.


I couldn’t believe it… the first time ever!


I never thought he’d be willing to share his ‘guy time’ with me!


And, being the thoughtful man that he is, he even gave me – an opening day present. He calls it ‘The First Timers Lucky Hat’.


I’m so fortunate to be married to him.


I have attached a picture of me in my lucky hat.

lucky hat








Have a great Wednesday




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