Wrote this on LYC back on the 8th May..stock now 17!!!up nearly 50%

Beeks Downunder-Because not all financial news is boring!

Morning sports fans,

Overseas last night the Dow rallied as Yellen (not screamin) came out and said that things weren’t that flash really and she was going to pump in more free money for longer! Result Dow rallies!

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Internet stocks though didn’t fare too well with things like Twitter just collapsing…it sank another  3.7 % after leading a selloff in Internet shares yesterday with an 18 percent tumble. AOL (Christ are they still around) were down 21% after missing estimates..Yahoo(seriously) were down too, despite owning a large slug of Alibaba (and the forty thieves) which is set to become the world largest IPO ever…maybe a bit of fund raising to pay  for it but it’s a bit early!

Today will probably be even quieter than yesterday as we head into the Budget on Tuesday. The big news out this morning is the NAB number which surprise surprise is huge…isn’t it…

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