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Yellen, not screaming, held her first Fed Meeting and Press conference last night..another $10bn off the Fed spend every month and the horror of horror, rates going up …this was the killer who would have thought that rates will ever rise…looks like NZ is leading the way..even here we are now looking at rising rates..So like a good boy scout be prepared!

Just when everyone was talking gold… bugger….Gold has lost nearly 4 percent in the metal’s biggest three-day drop since Dec. 19.

Aussie dollar also got  Yellen-whacked last night as US dollar firmed on rate news…Zombieland was steady as the Crimean situation seems to have settled down…Ukrainian Brides are removing their troops from eth Crimean Peninsula…game set and match RasPutin! And this horror sanctions


So to our’s futures expiry day today so expect heavy volume, a delayed cascading opening and some distortions perhaps…however when the dust settles we will be backing and filling again…again still believe that the market needs to unwind it big bounce and is doing so..Ides of March thing has been and gone now but as we run into the budget(minus an assistant treasurer) we may get jittery…the economy is going well in places,mainly Mosman and Vaucluse but in the real world things are sputtering along..patchy…no rate cuts to help us will be left to the policies of the government..God help us..more roads then!!And of course cutting the mining tax which actually doesn’t raise any revenue and of course red tape while having more Royal Commisions and secret squirrel business…


35 off the market today..may get a small bounce tomorrow but don’t expect much and drifting quiet markets to continue for next week…stock selection is the key!!!as always! Here to help!


Idea of the Day-UNS go baby!!!NTC the Internet of things!!


Great night last night for my UNS recommendation as the stock blasted out of the water to around 105!!Feeling a little vindicated especially after I got a few comments when I forst recommende3d at 83 and they dropped to 75 and looked horrible..those who kept the faith I salute!!I did!!Anyway not sure why they rallied so much..the only announcement was on the search for a new CFO..can’t have been that..maybe now the debt funding is in place the doubters and the shorters are being forced to rethink..I have always thought in the back of my mind that as they get closer to being in production and good sales then someone would just snap them up and consolidate their business into their own..think that is still a possibility and last night’s move suggests something is afoot…I feel like taking profits though as they have popped before then gone all quiet again…


From today’s The Australian Financial Review. “Planes, trains and other machines connected to the internet via mobile networks will be the next vital source of revenue growth for telecommunications companies such as Telstra and SingTel-Optus, research shows. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications involve anything from eftpos machines and smart meters that track energy use, to cars and shipping containers connected to the internet. While telcos have long spruiked the technology’s potential to be a money-spinner, financial analysts and industry experts have been sceptical due to the small amounts of data and low levels of revenue generated by each device”.


How do we play this Internet of things..simples..NTC ..they make the wireless modems!!


Things to make me go mmmmm!


UK budget last night and in a rare moment they have actually lowered the excise duty on beer by 1p!!! UK unemployment was reported at an unchanged level of 7.2%..growth forecast updated to 2.7%.. George Osborne said “The forecasts I’ve presented show: growth up; jobs up; and the deficit down.

“With the help of the British people we’re turning our country around. We’re building a resilient economy.

“This is a Budget for the makers, the doers, and the savers.”


FedEx missed on 3 quarter earnings posting $1.23 a share against estimates at $1.45 and also cut its year end forecast due to the recent weather.


BMW surged to a record high after forecasting a significant gain in 2014 profits as new models propelled  sales.


Yellen was equally as confusing as her predecessor!!But it does look like the Taper weill continue til its nad a in September ish and thenrates will rise in Mid 2015 unless of course the weather or some other event disrupts this theory.








New Zealand’s economy has expanded in line with expectations, affirming the Reserve Bank’s view that accelerating growth will require higher interest rates to stave off inflation.

Gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.9 per cent to a seasonally-adjusted $NZ38.3 billion ($A36.54 billion) in the three months ended December 31, from a revised pace of 1.2 per cent in the September quarter.


Fund managers digging through an investor presentation explaining Kingsgate Consolidated’s $59.4 million equity raising found a nasty little surprise: the company is being investigated for some payments made in Thailand.


WTF had a great day yesterday..they sure could say WTF!!!up 23% and the company knows of no reason for the rise apart from the MD running around brokers telling his story..good to see that the market is fair and transparent, and so well informed…..


One of my little darlings Onthehouse(OTH) had a great write up by someone with a far better brain than me suggesting that they would make an easy morsel for REA to buy…was saying it myself only a month or so ago!!!


And finally a US regulator is taking on the high frequency traders..bout time..he said yesterday that “The focus of our initiative is on the abusive practices, the latency arbitrage and the like….The strategies are ultimately extracting from the capital markets enormous sums of money and not providing benefit that makes that worthwhile.” Amazingly some US Investment banks had no days of losses last year from trading…none at all…either brilliant or…….



And finally…..





And just because… Too many Oscar Pistorius jokes already! Trying to come up with a new one is like taking a shot in the dark.


And gotta love British Humour.. Commenting on a complaint from a Mr. Arthur Purdey about a large gas bill, a spokesman for North West Gas said, ‘We agree it was rather high for the time of year. It’s possible Mr.. Purdey has been charged for the gas used up during the explosion that destroyed his house.’

(The Daily Telegraph)


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