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Morning all,

Is it just me or is the world going slightly mad….the Malaysian airlines thing for starters…and the Crimean vote ‘да’ for Russia with a higher voter turnout than in the US for their Presidential elections…and here is the reason so many Crimean voted!!


On Friday markets were again weaker as punters came to grips with a weakening China, a moribund Europe, a weakening US(weather related?) and the Russian hostile back door listing of the Crimea. Gold and other commodities were beneficiaries with the Gold price trying to find its way to $1400…Iron Ore held steady at around $110.Expect a slightly softer opening today but some bargain hunting around may help things along a little…after all rates are still low and will stay that way for some time so what are the alternatives..

Ex Divs today include Ausdrill, Cardno, Envestra, James Hardie, Leighton Holdings, Macquarie Atlas, Primary Health Care, SkyCity Entertainment, Telecom Corp of NZ, Woolworths.

Idea of the Day-ISU still like-UNS doing better-Stay long

I may have mentioned this once or twice but I am cautious of the market…I see a lot of broker research and most are a hold!! Now if the expert analysts are finding it hard to find value what hope is there for you and me!!

Still it was nice to see my little UNS that I tipped hit 91 on Friday…did look a little silly for a day or so but they have tapped into some debt funding which will alleviate the need for equity..mind you its not cheap funding so must mean either they really need it or that they can make a motza with the money…here’s hoping it is the latter!

Another one of my recommendations is ISU…iSelect…let’s face it it has had a rough start to life as a listed company..however they have now found a new man to head up the business and I know they are very happy to have him on board…I continue to recommend this one for a turnaround..fingers crossed but with some major price rises on health funds coming up at the end of this month it may concentrate the minds of investors and prove to be a turning point..Cash in the bank and a great annuity stream underpins the current share price..

Things to make me go mmmmm!!!

Chelsea lost but Liverpool won!!!Bugger!

While we in the developed world argue about infrastructure and investing in the future, these guys are playing on a whole different playing field…China will invest more than $163 billion redeveloping shantytowns this year as the government promotes urbanization as an engine of growth. The nation will redevelop shantytowns involving more than 4.75 million households this year.And we are still arguing about a second airport and high speed rail and putting in a two lane highway to BrisVegas!

I still find it hard to believe that a great big airplane can just disappear in this day and age…haven’t these other countries got radar?Doesnt say much for National Security in some of these places…still think that Ian Fleming’s SPECTRE is to blame!!!

BHP says that it will start rewarding shareholders with more capital returns …maybe from August!! Bout Time!!!Still another reason to buy BHP..RIO will follow and thence FMG..Iron Ore stocks should have seen the worse perhaps?

Now we have all heard and witnessed and maybe even taken part in the great house buying spree from SMSF and Institutions….well in the US one of the biggest landlords there now is Blackstone group with buying of US property at one stage $100m a week!!! It has now pulled that back by 70%!!!They are the biggest single family landlords around!Remember “in a depression, assets return to their rightful owners!”

And in more madness a recent US IPO in the tech space is just bloody silly!!!It’s called Castlight  and it helps people and companies reduce their health costs..it had Revenue of 13m Dollars..thats right 13m and is valued by the market at ……$3bn!!!!Has the World gone completely crazy..I think so…suspect when the tech boom bursts it will make 2001 look like a Walk in the Crimea…


China’s central bank loosened its grip on the yuan over the weekend by doubling the daily trading range for the currency, adding teeth to a promise it would allow market forces to play a greater role in the economy and its markets.

Now I know that after last weeks jobs numbers all is right with the Australian economy but if you believe this numbers you must still put a tooth under your pillow and expect the tooth fairy to come !!! Hochtief, the majority shareholder of Leighton Holdings, has warned that jobs in the Australian group’s 56,000-strong global workforce could be cut and operating brands such as John Holland and Thiess merged or ditched as it urged investors to accept its $1.2 billion takeover offer.

And the Rolling Stones have touched down in Australia….I first saw them 32 years ago at Wembley Stadium and now I am taking my son to see them!!! Would never have picked that!!!


And finally……

A man walks into Parliament office and says to the receptionist,

“I would like to put my name forward for the forthcoming elections to be a Green M.P.”

The receptionist replied, “Certainly sir. Please fill in this form.

He was filling the form OK until he came to the question – ”Are you circumcised?”

So he asked the receptionist, “Is this question necessary?”

She replied, “If you are circumcised you are not eligible.”

He then asked, “What difference does it make if I am circumcised?”

She replied, “To become a Green MP you have to be a complete dick”

Have a great Monday




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