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“If inflation is the genie, then deflation is the ogre that must be fought decisively” Christine Lagarde…she warned against premature withdrawal of stimulus…




Another good night on the Dow stoked by financials ,as always, and the World Bank upgrading its global growth  forecasts. Expect to see some gains again today here possibly another 30 points as both the banks and resources fire in unison..would make a change…

Good news all round…Aussie dollar looks to be trying to break through the 89 cent level too…Gold though bit disappointing…Jobs data later this morning should be closely watched..consensus is for 10,000 new jobs added…I think they will underwhelm….but I am just gioessing much like the economists..but I am significantly cheaper and also get it right more than they do!!!Economists make astrologists look good!

Idea of the Day

The rise of the resource dog….yesterday we saw some good news from OZL as its cash pile was better than expected and its production ahead and costs were down..as a result the dog barked…up 15% …shorts punished…NCM last night issued a better report…and even PDN had some good news for a change over at their Langer Heinrich project…who let the dogs out…woof! woof!!

RIO has this morning reported record production in Iron Ore Bauxite, Thermal coal and a great rebound in copper plus some pretty good moves on cost cutting…expect this one to have a run… Finally some good news in the resource sector…

Maybe its thing to dust off these stocks…the dogs of 13 maybe the stars of 14!!!All heavily oversold and corporate action is heating up around the globe…$130bn of transactions so far in 14!!!And its only two weeks in..every CEO is now looking over their shoulder wondering if they are safe in their job!!!Is it safe?..Is it safe? Well ,no it isn’t ..only the strong and aggressive will survive and so the ‘oh bugger it’ purchase will come into force…that’s when they dust off an investment bankers proposal and just say ‘oh bugger it’ and actually do it…expect 2014 to be year of the deal….everyone loves a deal ..gives them instant headlines, massive stroking of egos and who can  pay the most…just like a brokers charity night in a bull market and that’s what we have a bull market…well everywhere except here that is!!!Nikkei pushing higher, Dow just keeps on going and the Zombie markets also going pretty well.. FTSE knocking on records door…free money printing forever….World growth moving ahead Aussie dollar struggling ,all resource stocks so oversold will not take much to push them higher and significantly higher…would hunt in the PDN,LYC,OZL,BHP,RIO etc

Things to make me go mmmmm!!!

FXJ is one that I have long been a fan of…mostly because I believe that they have a dominant position in content they just need to use it better and leverage their digital businesses better…seems that things are happening here with moves to cut Seeks’ lunch in the jobs marlet with a tie up with Uk based jobs aggregator Adzuna , which compiles and lists job ads from across the web. Now of course its early days but it is a step in the right direction…Domain, Drive and MyCareer have a lot more gas in the tank if they can only get it right…

Bank of America said its quarterly profit surged by nearly $US3 billion, as revenue increased and mortgage losses plunged in the clearest sign yet the bank was shaking off the impact of the financial crisis.

US Senate passes the $1.1trillion funding package…another positive…

Only a few months ago the ECB said it wanted to see 8% capital requirement..then last night this….



So much for better consumer spending in the US…JC Penney are closing 33 stores and sacking 2,000 people…

More good news for metal bulls with Nickel and Copper having a good night …Global growth and Indonesian factors helping…

FMG which last year had its adrenaline moment as Iron Ore prices hit $87 a tonne are now paying down debt faster than you can say Christmas Creek…good stuff and shows how much these guys are making form record production and stable prices. Bodes well for BHP….also bodes well for FMG!

Computer trading systems are smart right?…they read headlines and trade stocks automatically…well that explains why a Traffic systems business in Rhode Island was up a massive 4900% at one stage yesterday…their code is NEST…that is the name of the Thermostat business that Google bought for $3.2bn…nothing to do with Traffic systems…well done the computers!!!


ANZ: China grants licenses for importing gold to ANZ for 1st time

And finally….

A husband took the wife to a disco at the weekend.

There was a guy on the dance floor giving it heaps – breakdancing,

moonwalking, back flips, the works.

The wife turned to husband and said: “See that guy? 25 years ago he

proposed to me and I turned him down.

Husband says: “Looks like he’s still celebrating!!!

Have a great Thursday




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