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Morning all,

Fair is foul and foul is fare…it’s a mixed up world. On Friday we got some horrible numbers from the US housing industry and that was enough to take Tapering off the table. News out of Jackson hole was also positive for more free money as Central Bankers and Finance Gurus were urging the US to think twice about pulling the free money pin. Shame then that the US rained on their parade, by saying they don’t care what happens to the rest of the World when they stop the printing its every man for himself!!! Nice…remember that coalition of the willing thing..maybe harder next time Uncle Sam!

Expect our market though to keep pushing higher..commodities were better so the focus may shift to resource stocks especially now we have seen signs that China is stabilising. I am a believer the market will go to 5200..may even be this week as Tony gets further and further in front of KEV13..lets face it though if Kyle Sandilands ran against Kev13 he would get in.Sorry Kev you are gone…probably gone forever…where Jules when you need her eh? May have been a bit hasty?

Reporting season has been benign and with the prospects of a Coalition victory all but certain and lower rates ,no mining tax(not that anyone paid it) and no carbon tax(not that anyone noticed),we may have that euphoric irrational exuberant run…I talked on Friday I think about Puts…these are the things that give you some peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night..everyone insures their car and lives etc..in fact when we get a better car we get more expensive insurance..so it is with Puts..they don’t mean that you expect the worse to happen but if you do prang your new Audi then you don’t look like a complete dufus for not having any insurance..something like the Nov 5000 Puts are just 94…that means that you lose 94 if the market does not fall below 5000 by 21st November..but if something nasty happens you are covered..simples..


Idea of the Day

Some time ago I talked about the joys of FXJ…how I believed that they only had to start to get their digital strategy right and it would provide a great springboard for serious growth…nice to see the SMH today pick up on my theme of the undervalued digital assets..they focus on Domain compared to REA…now they are in the same space but REA do it so much better…much bigger margins…this is what Michael West from SMH had tos ay..


The sharemarket value of Fairfax at $1.4 billion is less than one-third the size of REA, which is capped at $4.6 billion. Either Fairfax is too cheap, REA is too expensive, or a bit of both. But the opportunity surely lies with Domain.

In terms of numbers of property listings, Domain.com is 60 per cent the size of REA yet it is only one-third the size when it comes to online listing revenue. REA has been more aggressive in rolling out ”depth products” to enhance profit margins. These are value-added display offerings – pay for listing prominence.


Been saying the same thing for a while..maybe they should just hire someone who knows what they are doing!!!


Things to make me go Asheesssss!!

After a serious slagging off from some of the Australian Players for negative play the English team went for it..and nearly got there.. Apparently Brad Haddin tossed his gloves into the crowd after the game and they tossed them back..sums it up really!

BHP Billiton: CEO Andrew Mackenzie is looking for a strategic partner for his $US15 billion ($16.6 billion) Jansen Canadian potash project that “will add value”, much like the company’s partnership with rival Rio Tinto on their copper joint venture.

Few things happen overseas in Bio Tech land may help our wannabes..Amgen Inc. (AMGN) said it will acquire Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ONXX), maker of the cancer drug Kyprolis, in $10.4 billion deal that was unanimously approved by both company’s boards.

As (sub)emerging markets currencies get tonked for six, “Brazil will launch a currency intervention program worth about $60bn to ensure liquidity and reduce volatility in the nation’s foreign exchange market” – offering USD500 million per day in currency swaps to support the Real. These are the guys that started the term currency war back in 2010 and have been seriously dented in the past year or so with massive flights of capital out of the country.The Real has fallen 26% since March!!!Ouch!!Bring on the Olympics and the World cup.

Christine Lagarde who does look a bit like a Muppet has announced her news strategy over the weekend..she is keeping her fingers crossed fro Europe…well that’s ok then..sorted!

The Bo Xilai trial is making great reading and I am not sure this is the usual tactic from a Chinese defendant…makes great headlines though..

Not such a huge week for numbers ..Oil refiner and marketer Caltex was first out of the gates, posting a rise in its June half net profit to $195 million, benefiting from inventory gains on the oil price movement.The profit compared with a net profit of $167 million earned a year earlier. Revenue totalled $11.5 billion down from $11.8 billion a year earlier

It was a momentous day on Friday as after 17 years of suffering with Vodafone I finally shuffled off their mortal coil and went with Amaysim…very cheap and Optus..

Congratulations to my wife for her great run in yesterday’s Pub to Pub…didn’t quite beat the person she was dueling with the whole way but a great effort..

And finally…

“I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar. Could be a Chinese Wispa.

Not only but also…

Why Mothers yell so much!!!


Why Mums yell so much!!

Why Mums yell so much!!


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