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Morning all, 

Well it’s on..finally the election is happening..only five weeks to go until we can exercise our democratic rights and vote for none of the above! I suspect it is going to be a long five weeks.

‘Costcutters and Cancellers’ kicks off in Kalgoorlie today. Formerly called ‘Diggers and Dealers’, I would imagine there will be some glum faces around the bars with commodity prices in the doldrums and cash hard to come by. Maybe we will start to see more takeovers and mergers in this space in the coming months as things continue to prove difficult.

US saw some disappointing jobs numbers on Friday but who cares just means more free money right? Anyway expect our market to continue to grind a bit higher..I would start to get a bit worried around 5200 again…reporting season will be interesting…downgrades, challenging, resource stock shockers and an election ..what fun!

Idea of the Day

Its not often I write about small companies. I seem to be forever going on about the Banks, TLS and the big miners so its nice when you get a chance to see some new industry companies. Last week seemed to be all about the internet .Saw three interesting companies goCatch,a Taxi hailing app,99.Wuxian and this little one called Adslot.Impressive management and in an interesting space. Speculative as it’s only capped at 30m bucks but here’s a quick summary for those with an appetite for disruptive technology and companies changing the way things happen.

The Purchase and sale of display and banner ads on web publisher sites is very labour intensive. In fact for every dollar of revenue companies like Fairfax get from these ads it costs them 28cents.So anyone that can cut these costs is in with a shot. It’s a $40bn market worldwide and very attractive.Adslot(ADJ) have designed a software solution to sell ads to media buyers without all the middlemen in admin etc.They are well funded and have been doing it for some years on a one to one basis but in September they are launching their big weapon to be followed by a conference blitz in October..now if they get it right and can clip the ticket as they are planning its big biz…they are only capped at $30m so it could be huge…anyway the next year is crunch time but these guys are on to something and the new CEO Ian Lowe is pretty impressive and knows the media agency business.

For those with an appetite for risk in an emerging space worth a  look around these levels.

And for other ideas IEU…..If you are looking to benefit from a Zombieland recovery and a weaker Aussie dollar,then the ETF, IEU is a good bet..think you might be pleasantly surprised in a month or twos time with this one..

Things to make me go all Ashes to Ashes!

Looks like the rain is going to be the winner in the Third test which is a huge shame as 2-1 would have been really exciting and great for TV coverage and Cricket..so let’s hope the Ashes aren’t decided by a downpour on the fifth day

Big news over the weekend for Dr Who fans as Peter Capaldi was named the 12th Doctor..hope he can bring some of his colourful turn of phrase from the thick of it to the role..like to see that!

In Italy the stability of the Italian Government is in question if Bungasconi goes to Jail.This could spark another round of Euro crisis pre the upcoming German Election..Angela wont be happy..

Nice to see the press picking up on my NCM as a target theme from a few weeks ago…

More evidence that the mining boom has run out of puff is on its way as industry leaders Rio and BHP set about reporting sharply lower profit results, along with a new zeal for cost-cutting and capital discipline in response to weaker commodity prices and concerns about global economic growth. Massive profits from iron ore will be a feature of the earnings reports.

Global capital expenditure on LNG facilities will skyrocket to nearly $228 billion in 2013-17, an increase of 109 per cent over the preceding five years, a new report predicts. Activity in the forecast period is underpinned by huge financial commitments to both liquefaction projects and gas imports, the World LNG Market Forecast report from Douglas-Westwood says. The LNG developments will drive expenditure, with Australasia and North America playing a fundamental role in bringing new supply into the international market over the period to 2017

Americans indicated that when it comes to what they expect from their country, all they really want is to be safe, happy, rich, comfortable, and entertained at absolutely all times.

Apple had a victory on Friday as The bIg Fella Obama overturned an order barring shipments of some older iphones after Samsun had won an infringement victory on their patents. This is a market worth nearly $300bn

China’s service industries showed the first pick-up in growth since March, adding to signs the world’s second-largest economy may be stabilizing after a two-quarter slowdown.

And finally in honour of the New Doctor and the Election..some printable quotes from Malcolm from The Thick of It

“I’ll be with you in two shakes of a crying baby.”

“I went to Spain. Mallorca. Went golfing with Stephen Hawking; he lied about his handicap. Didn’t need a golf cart though, I just sat in his lap. 

“Don’t you ever, ever call me a bully. I’m so much worse than that.”

“He’s so dense that light bends around him.”

Have a great day



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