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A quick note today as I have to go a presentation. Last night all systems fired..better US numbers…better Euro numbers..Uncle Ben still printing..BOE still printing..ECB still printing so not only unwise to fight the Fed but unwise to fight all these other Central Banks.Expect a  positive day today with all assault on the 5100 number and 5200 now firmly a possibility. Yesterday’s news on the Bank levy was enough to cause some serious volatility in the banks as false stories need to step back and remember that any tax will be passed on..depositors will suffer NOT the banks..banks are a crucial part of any portfolio..if you don’t own at least one you are in serious trouble of missing out…CBA has returned big time forever…’s not whether you buy them but at what price you buy.

And please ignore whatever Kev13 does, it is just noise not policy!!He is clearly deluded!

Things to make me go mmm!

1.Berlsuconi sentence upheld…

2.Fabulos Fab Tourre has been found guilty of causing the GFC all by himself…Edward Snowden has finally moved out of the Terminal in Moscow.

3.Gold takes a hit. Other commodities looking good though and  LOW AUSSIE..go resources!

And finally….. not long to go til the City to Surf…my hamstring is still sore so haven’t been able to run for two weeks but gonna do it even if I have to crawl..have been pledged $1000 to do it so it’s a good cause.

A man walked into his crowded local bar, waved a revolver around and yelled

“Who in here has been screwing my wife?”

A voice from the back of the bar yelled, “You’re gonna need more ammo!”

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